2017 China Auto Accessories Trend Conference,“Innovation Never Stop!”

2017 China Auto Accessories Trend Conference,“Innovation Never Stop!”

  No matter what business you have, you have to follow “the pace” of market if you are eager to gain greater value in front of the business opportunity. It is said that auto aftermarket is “the golden industry”, and it has transformed from early “exploded growth” to “adjustment period”. The earlier development trend information you get, the more advantage you will get. 2017 China Auto Accessories Trend Conference will provide you the authorized and newest annual trend analysis.

  CIAACE solemnly opened in the morning of 17th Feb, concurrently, the exhibition runs 2017 China Auto Accessories Trend Conference, 2017 “Guide China Auto Aftermarket Industry” innovative product & program, the ceremony of the most popular new products award. CIAACE also invites many experts to analyze the development trend of auto industry from different dimensions.

  New Industry Data Indicate New Direction

  In this exhibition, not only Yasn will share its aftermarket management experience and provide authorized industry analysis, but some industry tycoons, such as Morten Dale --the senior vice president of WashTech car wash equipment Ltd.Co(Shanghai); Kosugi Katsunori --the president of AUTOBACS auto accessories business Ltd.Co; Wuhai--the president of Guangzhou Heroic Soldier company; Zhanglu—member of Yasn Data Research Center.

The White Paper 2016 China Auto Aftermarket Industry Trend Report is published by Yasn Data, prospective and timeliness is the biggest character of it. Zhanglu--member of Yasn Data Research Center said each year Yasn will attach great importance to edit this white paper, so as to ensure the participants of auto aftermarket will make right decision and accurately understand the newest industry dynamic.

  Due to the insufficient understanding of international market development trend, China’s Auto Industry can seek for a new way through understand international market. WashTech and AUTOBACS are world well-known company, Morten Dale-- Senior vice president of WashTech and Kosugi Katsunori--the president of AUTOBACS know very well about their countries auto aftermarket development trend, so the participants of CIAACE will know the global market situation without flying all over the world. .

  Eyes on the World,  Based in China.

As the industry tycoon, Wuhai--the president of Guangzhou Heroic Soldier company—who deduced future electronic development direction from American CES auto display, and analyzed the development trend of the future auto; Liu Xiaobing-- the president of Zhuhai Di Wei Eurasain auto technology Ltd.Co, who unscrambled the problem facing China auto repair industry, listed the key data to analyze the problem of auto service overcapacity crisis and show the development opportunity of auto culture and auto service brand.

  New Product, New Element!

  Innovation is the constant truth, 2017 “Guide China Auto Aftermarket Industry” innovative product & program, the ceremony of the most popular new products award have host four times in a row, and it takes 6 months for CIAACE to select new products form 825 new products from over 6000 manufacturers, then after rounds of selection by industry experts, industry well known media, organizing committee leaders and connect with the online mass vote data, finally select 32 award lists that represent industry development and innovation, including 25 new products, 6 new programs, and 1 most popular new product.

  The awarded “Industry New Star” accept this honor and gain the approval among the whole industry. Meanwhile, the power of innovation will create the biggest business opportunity and always lead the change and development of the industry.