China Yasn Guangzhou Expo, German PROFI Shining Brilliantly

China Yasn Guangzhou Expo, German PROFI Shining Brilliantly

2017 Guangzhou International Auto Accessories, Components and After- Sales Service Expo successfully ending, German PROFI, as an international brand, has the industry leading lubricant, additives as well as  auto care products R&D and production technology, and being invited by the Expo.

German PROFI is a family business and has a higher requirement for its brand identification. In this Yasn Guangzhou Expo, German PROFI continue to adhere to the consistent German quality and very concern about the design and building of the exhibition, so the final effect received unanimous praise from German headquarter, dealers, organization committee, media, and industry peers.

Eye blue is the predominant color of German PROFI pavilion, ensuring the consistent of its international image. The overall design structure is semi-open, top of the pavilion is made by a suspend curve, where identification mark and flagship products series all printed; moreover, the design element of German PROFI pavilion is lubricant , and all these designs match with German PROFI version of Porsche, then a perfect German PROFI image show formed.

In Yasn Guangzhou Expo, China team of German PROFI invite Frank—CEO of German PROFI headquarter to attend this exhibition, who answered questions proposed by dealers and audiences, and launched a deepen communication with China team of German PROFI.

  During the 3-day Yasn Guangzhou Expo, German PROFI sent out 40 bounteous gifts by Frank—CEO of German PROFI headquarter and Tim—the spokesman of German PROFI,

  Tim—German racing driver and the spokesman of German PROFI, who sent his autograph poster and a set of gifts that represent German PROFI culture to fans, and transmitted brand mark and culture connotation of German PROFI to the person who come and visit German PROFI pavilion.

  Tim won the champion of European ADAC Cart Race when he was 12 years old, this time, in the short three period of Speed Cart Race, he shortened the time from 35s per circle to 29s per circle, which made German PROFI left its brand name in the top 10 of the race.

  This time, with hope and confidence, let’s go to the third stop!

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