YASN and BME Create Critical Trading Platform within the Auto Accessories Industry

About BME

The high-quality German purchaser database aims to ensure its impartiality in the market in addition to providing assistance to businesses on purchasing and selling protocol. The certificate includes the following national standards:

1Ensuring an authentic inspection and certification process
2Providing an anti-counterfeiting insignia

These are the fundamental requirements for the BME certificate. The goal is to provide accurate enterprise information as it is based on a verified international supply relationship as well as an appropriate knowledge of both English and German.
The high-quality German purchaser database also serves other associations, international certificate and government agencies as well as business suppliers.

About GQS
On the 18th of February, 2009, BME launched its international suppliers’ database, which provides the Internet platform GermanQualtiySourcing.com for international purchasers and also helps purchasers find qualified suppliers. At present, there are nearly 400 suppliers in the database, based in areas ranging from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan. At the start of 2010, there were thousands of suppliers and enterprises filed in the database with more suppliers from Asia and Eastern Europe set to be included in the near future.

Joining BME

Apart from the TUV certificate agency, BME has many cooperative partners such as the China Suzhou Industrial Park and the Austrian Federal Association of Purchasing and Logistics (BMO). SupplyOn also worked with BME to provide both a technical platform and support.

When applying for the certificate successfully, purchasers all over the world are able to access the database on BMEQualtiySourcing.com as it is free for BME members.

YASN Has Become the Only Chinese Enterprise to Earn a BME Certificate

YASN International has been approved by UFI, and has subsequently developed a cooperative strategy with BME. This bodes well for both Chinese auto brands and the CIAACE.

Because UFI and BME are two powerful international platforms and the CIAACE is the only exhibition approved by UFI, cooperating with BME in China is without doubt a promising development opportunity for the Chinese auto accessories industry.

As BME awards more high-quality suppliers certificates, the GQS data will serve as a convenient way for Chinese enterprises to enter overseas markets. Germany is an important country in EU and the GQS data depends largely on developed European countries and the UK and US. Both China and these influential developed countries will benefit from strengthening the Chinese auto accessories market.

The CIAACE’s membership to both UFI and BME has enabled the exhibition to surpass others of its kind in terms of quality and internationalization. With regards to effectiveness and the pursuit of profits from the exhibition, the CIAACE is making itself known as the most critical exhibition within the auto accessories industry.