Yilin Yang-Olympic Champion Appeared in CIAACE---to cheer for AIRBUS of Tianyu

 Tianyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. which once provided green respiration solution for official new cars of Olympic Games participated in the CIAACE along with “AIRBUS'-upgrading series of Olympic products. Tianyu invited Yilin Yang, the-Olympic champion who has experienced “AIRBUS” to be present on site and interact with car owners on February 17.



Guangdong Tianyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been always focusing on detoxification and flavor-free field of new cars, its critical technology in the product is national scientific research subject. Assumed by Tianyu, all vehicles ridden by all athletes and guests during Beijing Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games use detoxified and flavor-free products, including guest reception vehicles of over 80 heads of state such as George Walker Bush, Putin, Rogge.