Onwards - YASN in 2017

   Posted on:2017/6/17 Source:YASN.net

  The 24th China International Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Car Care Products Expo(CIAACE 2017) will be held from 17-20 February 2017 within an amazingly large scale space comprising 250,000㎡.

Around 6,000 exhibitors, 80,000 new products and 200,000 visitors participated in the expo and make the YASN exhibition the first international exhibition equal in size to SEMA.

YASN International is the largest platform for releasing new products relevant to the automotive industry.CIAACE 2017 serves as a platform for visitors seeking new products as well as exhibitors seeking to make profits.

The YASN International exhibition has been scheduled to be hold every spring. As the Chinese saying “making the annual plan in the spring,” YASN International has made its exhibition at the beginning of the year and fulfilled the requirements of many enterprises. The YASN International exhibition brought together many media outlets with the aim of publicizing products,

  Strengthening brand images as well as expanding channels for distribution. Meanwhile, many cooperative opportunities are a part of the exhibition, making YASN renown in the whole of the auto aftermarket industry.


  Geographic Convenience     

Located in the heart of the economic zone surrounding the Bohai Sea and with a convenient transportation network, Beijing offers the capacity to accommodate large numbers of people, abundant food resources, and a number of media outlets. Moreover, the exhibition is held at the New China International Exhibition Center, a large space well-suited for international expos.

More than 200 countries which have diplomatic relations with China have their embassy in Beijing while well-known parties participating in the exhibition have offices in the capital city, providing the necessary preparations for promoting the international level of the exhibition


  Support for the Exhibition    

A successful exhibition is dependent upon the scale and number of exhibitors as well as the overall influence. YASN International has long enjoyed the leading position of China’s Auto Accessories Exhibition after 10 years of history. 

Statistics suggested that more than 90% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition, while more and more exhibitors expressed their interests in attending the exhibition, so the scale is becoming larger and larger.  

The YASN International exhibition will be held twice in 2017, seperately in Beijing and Guangzhou, and will be a spotlight for all the country. Since the first exhibition, China will enter the world’s top three countries holding international exhibitions, promoting the rapid development of the auto accessories and the trade show industry at large. YASN is an industry pioneer and ready to continue its successes in 2017 and beyond.

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