Two Core Toyota Technologies Will Move to China

Posted on2017/5/19 Source

Jiguikuanliang, the Deputy Manager of Toyota Technical Management Department, pointed out that in order to realize improvements in the imports of their vehicles to China, Toyota, manufacturer of the most advanced hybrid vehicle technology, has decided to introduce their core techniques for car motors and batteries to China. Since then, issues on promoting these hybrid core components are not only raising concerns within China but also in Japan.

Electromotors and batteries determined the performance of hybrid vehicles. This is the first time that Toyota will bring their Gordian technology to other countries, and as has been widely reported, Toyota has taken an intense interest in China’s position in the global market. The company has affirmed the Global Development Vision that the newly-developing market will be one of its chief focuses, and it is estimated that by the year of 2017, the proportion of the Chinese market will be up to 15%. If these numbers prove true, the Chinese market will lead the development of the Japanese car manufacturer for the following ten years.