The Promising Chinese Auto Parts Market ---An Interview with Mr. Xie Yu (Managing Director of YASN)

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The 24th China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Care Products (CIAACE2017, Feb. 17-20, 2017) will be opened in Beijing.

The Chinese market boasts the biggest auto sales volume worldwide, which will boost its auto parts industry expansion. We held an interview with Mr. Xie Yu, General Manager of YASN International, the sponsor of this expo. During the interview, he made a detailed expression of his interpretation of the Chinese auto parts market development and the Japanese enterprises.人物专访.jpg

---: What is the highlight of CIAACE2017?

Mr. Xie Yu: Through the expo, you can see what are the dominant auto parts and the new products in the current Chinese auto parts market to get acquainted with the development trend of this field. This is the highlight of this expo.

---: What are the differences between the Japanese and Chinese auto parts markets?

Mr. Xie Yu: In the Chinese auto parts market, the inner decoration parts, such as car cushion and chair, etc., are best sellers. However, in the Japanese market, the marketing is centered around car navigation system and tyres, etc. In Chinese auto parts market, such additional maintenance services are also provided, such as changing lubricating oil on the engine and simple painting, etc.

---: What is the status of the circulation of the Chinese car products?

Mr. Xie Yu: The circulation methods include retailing, marketing and online purchasing, etc. In Japan, the circulation is mainly carried out by large-scale auto products chain stores. However, in China, there are manufacturers and retailing stores in each region. Therefore, it is difficult to establish the same large-scale circulation chain stores as in Japan. Even they are established nationwide; it is still hardly possible for them to carry out effective supervision on the products supply of the stores.

---: It seems quite popular to reconstruct cars and auto parts in China.

Mr. Xie Yu: There are two kinds of auto reconstruction. One is external reconstruction; the other is performance improvement, which mainly involves engine and tyre improvement. In China, there are many relative regulations concerning auto reconstruction, leading to a lot of case of regulation violation. However, these violation cases are hardly exposed. Many of those who require auto reconstruction know little about car performance.

Mr. Xie Yu: Since there are not so many regulations on auto external reconstruction, it is quite popular recently. However, in China, most people only have one car. Therefore, the auto convenience is quite important for them. However, they cannot realize enjoyable driving through auto reconstruction yet at present. Therefore, in my personal point of view, there will be further great progress in auto reconstruction in the coming 3 to 5 years.

---: What countermeasures are implemented to prevent imitations in the auto parts field?

Mr. Xie Yu: Chinese authorities have carried out strict regulation on the imitations. In Japan, the enterprises must provide enough proof when informing against an imitation. Acceptable proof must be prepared in preventing imitations.

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