Foreign Companies Establishing Automotive R&D Centers in China Stimulated the Whole Auto Aftermarket

Posted on2017/1/3 Source

After years of breakneck development, China is becoming the largest new car retail market and the most important overseas market in the world. Thanks to continual development and fierce competition within China’s auto market, many overseas enterprises have turned their faces to China and intend to further develop the Chinese auto market. 

In order to ensure the stability of their funds in China, localization has played an important role from the development to manufacturing process. 

At present, projects currently underway and those that have been completed include: Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Ford (China) R & D and Engineering Center, Volkswagen (China) R&D Center, Daimler (China) R&D Center, Honda (China) R&D Center, Changan Ford Mazda Auto Nanjing R&D Center, Audi (China) R&D Center, GM China Prospective Techniques R&D Center, Toyota Research and Development Center (China) Co., LTD, and the Nissan China Design Center. Projects in planning include Volvo (China) R&D Center, Chang’an Mazda R&D Center, and the BMW International R&D Center among others.

China’s auto aftermarket follows the development of the automobile and the design of these vehicles affects trends within the auto aftermarket. But at the same time foreign companies are establishing research and development centers around the country in addition to bringing challenges and opportunities for improvements across the whole of the industry.