CIAACE Allows Auto Aftermarket Enterprises to Enter the European Market

Posted on2017/2/12

Recently, YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has developed a cooperative strategy with BME. As a result of this cooperation, YASN International will introduce many BME high-end purchasers to the Chinese market. CIAACE is also becoming the best platform for BME procurement activities. The CIAACE is a unique exhibition in that it can serve BME members operating in China’s auto aftermarket.

This cooperative strategy is a path for national brands entering the international market and it is also a good match for manufacturers and European purchasers. YASN, as the sole partner of BME in China, has accumulated seven years experience in exhibition management with more than 20,000 suppliers. The company can introduce BME and GQS certificates to China and this is a boon and excellent opportunity for those brands that have much demand for international buyers. CIAACE may allow your company to experience the European Market from within China and also share opinions with 7,000 BME members.

BME founded in 1954 is the leading association in German purchasing and logistics industry. Also, it is the largest logistics association in Europe. At present, BME has 7,000 members including the top 200 companies in Germany as well as other medium-sized enterprises and associations, making up 80% of purchasing transactions in Germany.

BME business affairs include manufacturing, transportation, insurance, public affairs and service industry affairs. Their goals are as follows: solving problems in the purchasing and material economy, providing efficient training and developing systems, and fostering open communication and discussion.

• BME is the largest purchasing association in Europe.
• BME provides a platform for purchasers and manufacturers as well as service agencies.
• BME organizes professional supplier BBS.
• BME organizes more than 800 activities, such as professional reports, seminars, supplier meetings, professional visits, etc.
• BME led professional research by their experts and creates appropriate proposals.
• BME is a pioneer in standardization.
• BME tests developing trends and basic knowledge for purchasing groups.

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