YASN Statistics

Founded in 2013, YASN International has deeply exploited the Chinese automotive aftermarket for 14 years, accumulating widespread influence and charisma on the aftermarket by hosting the world’s largest exhibition of automobile accessories. It keeps close contact with 35,687 upstream product manufacturing enterprises, 12,000 of which have cooperated with YASN International.


YASN is in contact with 420 automobile plants, especially keeping close communication and interactions with 23 domestic leading ones. YASN is closely interactive with 36,006 4S stores, 40% of which invite procurement tenders and handle matters concerned on YASN Platform, in which they have trust.


Data of YASN


YASN consists 128 top hundred groups; 247 large 4S groups; 222 medium and small-sized 4S groups; 35,409 4S stores; 1,044 4S service providers; 37,050 sharers of related 4S data; 8,444 provincial dealers of automobile accessories; 22,788 citywide dealers and 52,362 wholesalers are regular partners of YASN; 35,470 automobile electronic terminal outlets, 119,608 automobile beauty and maintenance stores, 48,316 fine auto interior retail and service outlets, 54,916 one-stop automobile service outlets, 38,612 tyre-service outlets, 86,565 repair factories, 41,180 quick service outlets, and 10,587 chain stores, 435,254 reliable terminal resources in all.


YASN International is also a director-general member of China Car Wash Industry Alliance, a director-general member of China Power Lift-gate Industry Alliance, and a secretary-general member of Automobile Accessories Alliance.


Exhibition of Automobile Accessories


CIAACE (Beijing), which is held every spring, covers an area of 250,000m2, has 6,000 participants from all over North China, and meets about 110,000 professional buyers’ procurement needs each year. It is the world’s largest professional exhibition of automobile accessories and has been held for more than 25 years.

CIAACE (Guangzhou) is hosted in cooperation with Chinese Ministry of Commerce in Guangzhou every summer, covers an area of 100,000m2, and has 1,500 participants. 60,000 people mainly from South China attended the exhibition last year.


AIT Car Tuning Exhibition


AIT is the only car tuning industry founded with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of China. AIT 2018 will be co-hosted by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and YASN Group with full support from an international backup—San-Eishobo, the host of Tokyo Auto Salon. The exhibition area is 100,000m2 and 500 global leading tuning brands and 1,000 professionally tuned-car will join the exhibition together, and there will be 100,000 visitors at the exhibition.

As a platform based on YASN Group’s decades of experience and industry-wide data resources of the automotive aftermarket, it is a one-stop merchandise procurement platform made up of factories and outlets.

The platform has a self-built supply chain system, which helps to strictly control product quality, and cut down terminal and procurement costs.

The platform has raised funds from Angel investors, and achieved good operating results in the past two years.


Big Data


The big data is the buyer information YASN has accumulated after hosting exhibitions on the automotive aftermarket over years. Currently, a professional customer service team made up of 160 members is serving customers all year round;


“YASN Knows”


This Online Paid Knowledge Platform mainly answers questions about outlet management level and capacity, to help outlets to improve their profitability.

It consists of six zones: YASN Business School, Exhibition Express, BOSS Salon, N+1 Profit Program, YASN Think Tank and  VIP Service.

As a platform at YASN Big Data, mainly offers online services, while YASN Training mainly aims to teach outlet management skills and methods around the country.


YASN Training on Automotive Aftermarket Terminal

This training camp is available in every province all through China and the training was conducted for 10 times across the country in 2017, involving more than 1,000 outlets each time.

Based on YASN’s decades of experience in automobile 4S store management, YASN Training held a 3-year-long 30-stop automobile 4S store management improvement meeting 7 times in 2017, attended by 300 4S groups and stores each time, arousing strong repercussions in the industry.


Smart Education


In the field of smart education, YASN is managing a Smart-Show and Smart Education Leader Summit-Touring Show every two months. In all the provinces, about 5000 people attended the shows and the latest education information-oriented high-tech applications and solutions were well- received all over the country.