Concurrent Events with CIAACE 2017

China Automobile Consumption Forum 2017

Dedicated to exploring a superior operation path for 4S dealer and dealers, the China Automobile Consumption Forum 2017 will serve as a high-quality platform for automobile dealers, agencies and accessory enterprises to discuss together and seek the way of mutually exploiting automobile after market business, thus creating new brilliance in 2017 innovatively.


China Auto Accessories Trends and Development Conference 2017

Discuss Industry current status and development trends with reputable Trade organization, Industrial Associations, Professional Consultancy agent. This year conference will continue to take lead and guide future industry development.


Innovative Products Awards 2017

From the CIAACE 2017, the CIAACE organizing committee will recommend new products which lead the Chinese auto accessories industry to 50 finished auto plants,4,000 4S delears and 500 media worldwide through YASN’s media and industrial resources by means of huge exhibition platform.


Auto Accessories E-commerce Summit Forum 2017

It will construct a platform for enterprises and dealers who are dedicated to entering the e-commerce field by bringing the hottest e-commerce enterprises together.


Auto Service World & Auto Service 100 Awards Meeting

Auto Service World 2017 focus on building the largest and most influential grand meeting of auto service industry. Gather top level entrepreneurs and renowned academic to discuss key issues on management and marketing, business model and innovation, initial public offer and integration through merger and acquisition etc.


The 2nd Beijing Auto Audio Cultural Festival 2017

The cultural festival will invite numerous auto audio modification masters in the North and possess numerous top media with intensified publicity, revealing auto audio charms, activating auto audio culture and creating infinite business opportunities with rational and integrated publicity.


Liqui Moly Auto Maintenance Technology Exchange Meeting 2017

German senior technicians, 4S dealer maintenance technicians and dealer store technicians will be invited to discuss the current situation and future development trend of auto maintenance product technology.


New Products Debut

The scale of CIAACE becomes larger year by year and the sponsor promotes new products of more than half of the participating enterprises. During the CIAACE 2017, numerous different styles of new products debuts will be held in the New Product Debut Area in Hall W1 and E1 and Meeting Area.


Exhibits Display Case

New patented electronic products will be displayed in the display case, so visitors can find them in the densely populated areas immediately.