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    The 8th China (Lanxi) Flax Show Is Coming This November
    Posted on:2011-9-27 Source:YASN

    As the traditional hometown for flax, Lanxi, was renowned nationwide in the 1980s and 1990s. The manual linen-cum-car seat made by Yu Changfu had generated a new business mode to stimulate the economy in Lanxi since 2003. Now, Lanxi linen-cum-car seat had established its brand and fame in the whole auto aftermarket, and occupies more than half of the market in domestic car seat industry. Every November from 2nd to 4th, more and more manufacturers will gather together at Harbin to attend the Lanxi Flax Show. After 7 years development, the Lanxi linen-cum-car seat show has hosted more than 240,000 visitors, and has placed the order more than 2.5billion RMB.

    The 8th Lanxi Flax Show would be held in Nov, 2011 with a capacity of 1800 booths and 30000㎡ exhibition area, and expect to welcome more than 1200 exhibitors and over 30000 visitors to construct a real platform for them.

    ◆Top Ranking in the Auto Accessories Industry

    Lanxi, the hometown for Flax, holds 40%of the whole market share and was listed as the emphasized industrial base by the government of Heilongjiang Province. In addition, 20% of the whole population in Lanxi which counts to one hundred thousand people engaged in linen industry. There are more than 375 flax related enterprises contributed 37% of local GDP with annual profit of 2 billion RMB.

    The Eastern Moscow

    Since 2009, the Lanxi linen cum show changed the exhibition location to Harbin International Exhibition and Sports Center where it could the capacity of 2000 booths. High standard facilities newly installed such as light and sound system were all combined in digital, which made the exhibition tend to be perfect in combination of light, color, sound and .

    It is estimated that the 8th China (Lanxi) linen-cum-car seat and supplies show would achieve the summit of the history of the exhibitions in the new records of the exhibition area, brands of the exhibitor’s, the number of the professional buyers.

    ◆The Support from the Media Outlets Boosted the Exhibition

    Lanxi linen exhibition has been supported by the local government since its establishment. It is the only professional exhibition held by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), Department of Commerce of Heilongjiang province. The exhibition organized by the local government, approved by State Administration for Industry & Commerce is the most authorized and professional expo in the industry.

    YASN launched Visitor Invitation Plan toward the Lanxi linen-cum-car seat and supplies show, which included 20,000 selected professional visitors coming from northeast China, north China, south China, and northwest China. The media outlets such as: http://www.auto-a.hc360.com/, www.x888v.com, TOUCHHIGH MEDIA would gather Harbin to make the comprehensive tracking report. In addition, the competitive medias such as CCTV, Sina, Tecent, Netease, Sohu and some other powerful media outlets would also present the exhibition。