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    Why the CIAACE Is Positioned to Attract Many Auto Accessories Enterprises
    Posted on:2012/1/18 Source:http://www.auto-a.hc360.com

    It is reported that the value of the auto accessories exhibition reached 50 billion in 2011. There are only two companies whose value is estimated to be 10 billion, and they are the CIAACE with a value of 16.4 billion, and the Zhengzhou Hongda exhibition with a value of 12 billion. They both take up a market share of 32.8% and 24% respectively.

    YASN International has a professional exhibition team and seven-year experience that has led to a scaling up of the CIAACE. It is expected that the CIAACE 2012 will comprise an area of 250,000㎡, and the exhibiting companies will reach over 6,000 with more than 200,000 visitors participating in the event.

    An analysis on the reasons why the CIAACE is positioned to attract a great number of enterprises and develop at such a fast speed.

    Many Enterprises and New Products Ensures Business Transactions
    The CIAACE 2012 will have more than 6,000 participating enterprises covering auto electronics, car care products, solar films, interior and exterior products, auto tunings, etc. Purchasers will be able to make connections with prominent companies.