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    Huper Optik C70 won “ Recommended Product of the Year 2013” Award
    Posted on:2012/12/7 Source:
    Organized by Auto Magazine, the awards dinner for “ Recommended Product of the Year 2013” was held in Guangzhou, China on Nov. 22, 2012. Huper Optik and other winners witnessed the birth of the year products.
    Standing out from other auto film products, Huper Optik C70 won the “ Recommended Product of the Year 2013” Award again. Since its inception, Huper Optik C70 won the award four times running. It gains recognition from media, readers and a great number of drivers.
    Huper Optik C70 product overviews
    Using nanotechnology, C70 don’t contain dye and metal. Product performance will not change because of the time and sun. The birth of Huper Optik C70 ends the era the window film fade or oxidate easily.
    In addition to it’s antioxidant properties, Huper Optik C70 can reject up to 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays. And without metal glare, it does not affect passengers and other drivers. The high transparency of C70 can alleviate the eye strain and help make driving more comfortable. The Warranty period is as long as 10 years, by twice as the warranty period of metal film; The selective spectrum filter lowers the inside temperature of the vehicle, reducing the air condition burden and the fuel consumption. Because of using ceramics technology, even if the car is fully foiled there is not shielding radio signals.