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    CIAACE 2014 Concluded Successfully on 23 February, 2014
    Posted on:2014/3/5 Source:YASN
    The 18th China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Car Care Products (CIAACE 2014) was held grandly from February 20 to 23 and ended successfully in Beijing New International Exhibition Center at 14:00, February 23. 8 product divisions and 15 pavilions of the expo are 250,000 square meters and over 6000 enterprises participated in the expo. Over 230,000 professional audiences, professional buyers, domestic and foreign purchasing groups were received in 4 days. The arrival scale and purchasing strength of large distributors exceeded that of previous years. All exhibitors and new products competed on the same stage and film and TV stars and Olympic champions cheered on the site, pushing the expo this year to a new upsurge.

    Aggregation of famous enterprises. CIAACE shows industrial dynamics
    The China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Car Care Products (CIAACE) has become the best effective platform to comprehensively show auto accessories industry after  development of over 9 years. With clear subdivision of the exhibition area, the expo gathers the most influential manufacturers of the industry. Main exhibitors in 2014 include: Unistrong, Conqueror, Zenlane, VST, SMTC, Zhengluzhe, Cnlight, Alpine, Special City, etc. in automotive electronics; V-KOOL, Johnson, Dragon Film, Master Tint ART, Quantum Film, Amber Optical, 3M, Northern Light, Cartier, Aliey, Zhongguan, Calais, Guandie, etc. in solar film and car body film; BG, Wynns, Moly, JB, Turtle Wax, Beauti-eagle, Miaosheng, UBest, Granitize, Cheyishang, Ketaike Speed 99, Carmate, Great Wall, Botny, etc. in auto beauty and car care products; Anjuny, Icaroom, QiQi, Weilianju, Mocmoc, China Raise International, Mashimaro, etc. in auto interior and exterior auto decorations; Wufu Taurus, 3M, Rella, Ekoa, Omnivision, Yusen, Yuma, etc. in auto foot mat products; Carori, Eddie, Alis, CDL, Jimeisi, Autodoc, Violin, Hangpai, Guanghaida, Calloway, Leather Prince, Ruiqi, etc. in auto perfume, seat cover and steering wheel cover products; Nile, SUNZM, Reigee, Miyoko, Wilson, Iceflow, Yilong, Lifeng, Jingmei, etc. in car seat cushion; YASN brand expo has become the best platform for large enterprise to show its primacy and small and medium-sized enterprises to erect and consolidate its brand. CIAACE is the barometer of auto accessory industry.

    Gathering of new products CIAACE bears new trend and new business opportunity in the industry
    Numerous different styles of New Product Debut held during CIAACE. This helps insiders on seeking development trend, provides professional buyers multiple choices to find new business opportunities, and advances the industry forward. Over 20,000 new products have been debuted in CIAACE 2014.

    Professional buyers flocked C IAACE shows its effectiveness and wins public praise
    Visitors have reached 230108 by the noon of February 23 and after analyzing visitor registration data of on-site visitors, visitors of the expo are widely distributed: visitors from North China, Northeast China, Northwest China, East China, Southwest China and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces are the most active; in addition, purchasing groups organized by chamber of commerce and auto accessories mall throughout the country participated in the expo and there are over 30 purchasing groups comprising over 100 people. At the same time, international purchasing groups from Korea, Japan, Taiwan of China, America, etc. visited the expo and conducted in-depth cooperation negotiation with YASN. Invitation advantage of professional buyers and strong influence in auto accessories industry bring inestimable value to both exhibitors and visitors.

    Successful holding of multiple activities. CUAACE is not merely Spring purchasing
    CIAACE especially presents multiple activities to participants. China Auto Accessories Trens and Development Conference, Chinese Automobile Consumption forum 2014, 7 Match-making Conferences for 4S Shop, Match-making Conference for large Supermarket and Hypermarket, Auto Service World & Auto Service 100 Awards Meeting, “Keyes” Chinese Auto Accessories E-commerce Forum and other activities have been held simultaneously. All activities venues are filled with people and win unanimous praise of participants. Wherein, Match-making Conferences for 4S Shop, Match-making Conference for large Supermarket and Hypermarket and other activities will be promoted throughout the country as a long-term activity after the expo. YASN will make full use of its platform advantage, enterprise resource, and channel resource to erect a more convenient channel for all parties and make industrial communication easier.

    The grand meeting has come to an end. Hope to see you on 7-10 March, 2015 in China International Exhibition Center (new venue). More details, please visit www.yasn.net or yasnbj.