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    Car Wash, Not Pure Diversion Entry, But Also Terminal Entry
    Posted on:2017/8/7 Source:

      Cai Dongcai: welcome to attend this Car Wash Forum, this is the 4th Car Wash Forum, the theme of the first three times respectively are car wash model, car wash profit, and car wash diversion. Many of the industry experts attended this forum and later they will state the theme of this forum.

      China’s car ownership is 12.18 million in 2003, and it takes 23 years to break through 1 million, while only 3 years break through 2 million, China now has 171 million cars in accordance with last year’s statistic, which means car is not luxury goods anymore, but travel tools. So we should think about in what way to serve the car owners.

      Recent data shows that over 53% of the car owners are 80’s generation, who are different from the 60’s and 50’s generation, and their mind is very active for they touched the internet. Since 80’s generation has become the social mainstream, so we need to change our car service mind to cater them.

      Online sales volume of auto accessories (such as tire, lubricant) is about 90 billion yuan on the basis of informal statistic. The other day, I attended a meeting of Hc360.com, the deputy general manager of Automobile Superman told me that about 300 thousand tires will be sold each month and over 400 thousand by TUHU, and it may break through 10 million this year. Each year JD will earn 8 billion yuan by selling lubricant, which shows that internet e-commerce has great influence on terminal sale..

      Just as I mentioned, environment changed people and car, so does our mind. Therefore we must face up to the great influence of the internet and vertical e-commerce, and take our responsibility to improve the current status. We should special thanks to our sponsors—Xiamen Zhongtu Software and Wangdi Rescue.

      Car Wash, Not Pure Diversion Entry, But Also Terminal Entry

      Sha Hongyun: the 3rd Car Wash Forum was held in the end of February this year, when an elder sister who come from Henan province shared her terminal car wash store’s operation status with tears, she said, “the purpose I come to Beijing to attend this Car Wash Forum is to figure out why my car wash store cannot make profits”, I think many of you have the same puzzle. As the sponsored unit of Car Wash Forum, China Car Wash Alliance will take its great responsibility and think highly of this forum.

      In China, Auto Industry not really formed, just better than the initial stage. When we talk about car wash stores, sewage-infested ground, poor car wash coolie and disordered site will firstly appear in our mind, but soon will be replaced by cleanliness and standardization. That is why we spend 3 months to select top 100 terminal stores, we hope through our efforts the status of car wash industry will be improved.

      It is possible for China to build Car Industry, and industrial chain development is the crucial, such as various types of car wash equipment, car wash related small accessories, car wash technology, water circulation system and so on.

      Someone may ask me, “all you are talking about is car wash industry, but as we all know, car wash is only a diversion entry and cannot make profits at all”, but I want to correct such statement, car wash is not pure diversion entry, but also terminal entry.

      This stage, the foothold of Car Wash Industry in China is terminal development, we have unscrambled terminal management & operation from different dimensions in former forums, to make sure waken some people and let them understand the future development trend of Car Wash Industry.

      In the second half of this year, Car Wash Alliance will pay more attention to international communication, and China Car Wash Industry Alliance has been invited to attend European Car Wash Expo, you can sign up if you are interested.

      More preparation may quicken the speed in dong work, so do not forget to reference the advanced experience when you work like a horse. International Exchange Conference will help us comprehensively understand the development status of Car Wash Industry, so we can realize industrial standardization in the near future.

      Compere: thanks Sha Hongyun, it’s very lucky for us to organize our own home—Car Wash Alliance. I am very bullish on this organization when it established, because there has over 500 thousand car wash beauty stores in China, and these stores really need an organization to guide them.