China Auto Automobile aftermarket

Total Car ownerships in China will surpass USA on 2021, become the largest auto aftermarket. with decades of high speed economic growth, China already has a complete manufacturing and services ecosystem, self-sufficient. Not like other market, China aftermarket profit is not only concentrated in repair & maintenance, accessories, car wash detailing & "Car beauty" is also a huge chunk of profit for aftermarket service shops.

High tech aftermarket product like equipment & chemicals in China use to dominated by international brand. With the development of technology & years of experience of OEM, China made products gradually accept by more advanced market while maintain its cost performance. China is the most competitive markets in the world, only the best of best can have a place on China market. Are you one of them?


CIAACE Beijing 2021 is the 30th show. React to market demand, CIAACE Show become a “Car Wash + Car Care & Beauty + Car Accessory +Services Chains + Repair & maintenance + E-mobility” full industry show that provide quality service to whole aftermarket community. for the past 15 years, what's never change is CIAACE is always focus on provide trade platform for auto aftermarket service enterprises.


China market: China total Car ownership will surpass US on 2021, become the largest market. 

Scale of Exhibition: 250,000 sqm exhibiting area, 16 exhibit hall, almost 6,000 exhibitors, 286,000 visitor, 1.5 million buyer information from Yasn data center.

​Location, location, location!  Beijing is the center of north China, the largest consumer market in China.

1st show of the year: CIAACE is the 1st aftermarket show after Chinese new year, in accord with Chinese purchase habits

Always focus on aftermarket:  15 years ago, CIAACE is start from Auto accessories show, now we expand to Car wash & detailing, repair & maintenance, Auto Care & beauty, auto film, auto electrics, Car tuning, E-mobility. CIAACE always focus on aftermarket

China agent/distributor Match Making - CIAACE show organizer will send International exhibitors' product intro to all agent & distributors will come to the show, who already distribute products in same product group.

20+ live events, covers manufacturer, distributor, Chain stores, Service shop;