YASN International(YASN)

Yasn International was established in Beijing in 2002. It is a well-know organizer to hold various exhibitions. The exhibitions refer to automotive aftermarket, educational new plan, food safety, agriculture and many other areas. As the integrated leading industry, automotive aftermarket has played a crucial significance to promote the development of related economy. 


The main industries of Yasn International including: Yasn International Exhibition Limited Corporation, Yasn Car Goods Network and Beijing Western Suburbs Yasn Auto Parts City. More than 600 people are employed in Yasn International. Its agencies and organizations have already spread to China’s major cities and even in Tai Wan, Japan. 

As the pioneer and explorer of China’s auto aftermarket as well as the leader of automotive aftermarket exhibition, Yasn international enjoys great influences in the industry and has sufficient related resources. It has brought great boom to China’s auto supplies industry during the past 15 years. China International Auto Accessories Exhibition, Car Service Chain and Car Wash Exhibition hosted by Yasn, are the biggest exhibitions in China’s automotive aftermarket area.