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Exterior décor


Modification of interior decoration of Auto film, solar film and film-sticking tools

Car Film


Solar film, explosion-proof film, thermal insulation film, dye film, primary color film, color change film, vacuum coating, ceramic film, metal film, quantum film, protective film, protective film, automotive protective film, etc.



Car accessories, perfume, bamboo charcoal bag, storage bag, wind chime, doll, armrest box, glasses frame, mobile phone holder, tissue box, sunshade, storage bag, storage net, etc.

Car beauty & Care


Car wax, car glaze, detergent, brightener, cleaning agent, glass antifogging agent, glass repair agent, automotive paint, paint protective film, carbon deposit, refrigerant, snow, lubricant, lubricant, rust Agent, anti-wear agent, preservative, synergist, improver, antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, water tank, trapping agent, low temperature starter, adhesive, sealant, putty, water tank treasure, wipe , suede, sponge, car coat, paint pen, etc.



Chain store, Franchise Store



Exclusive Refinement Car Company, Non Exclusive Refinement Car Company, Fuel and Engine Oil, Wheel & Tire, Auto Body Strengthening Part, Suspension System, Auto Parts, Auto Sound Systems, Braking, Air Intake System, Exhaust System, Ignition System, ECM, Tuned Car Fashion, Race Car Supplies, Off-road Vehicle, Aerodynamic, Cooling System, Turbocharger System, Engine, Oil Feeding System, Automotive Interior, Lighting System, Tools

Auto Electronic Appliances


Car audio and video entertainment, car communication navigation, car safety products, electric tailgate, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, inverter power supply, car washing machine, car massager, cigarette lighter, battery, switch, audio converter, electronic rectifier, car Camera, ballast, power distributor, power converter, xenon lamp, lamp light booster, charger, etc.

​Car Mats


Seat cushion, foot cushion, floor mat, carpet, backup box cushion, glue, foot pedal

Automobile Safety Equipment


Automobile Testing Equipment, Sheet Metal Spray Painting, Automobile Safety Tool/Toolbox

Vehicle Maintenance:


Car fault computer diagnostic equipment, car decoder, code reading card, data stream analysis, special computer, test bench, test line, locator, detector, leak detector, test bench, brake table, analyzer, endoscope , sensors, oscilloscopes, smoke meters, paint booths, paint lamps, paint booths, beam correction, ground gossip, spray guns, balancing machines, tyre removers, nitrogen filling machines, tire repair machines, refinish paints, refrigerants, brakes Liquid, antifreeze, lubricating oil, repairing agent, glass water, sealant, putty, rust inhibitor, water tank treasure, car wax, car glaze refrigerant, automobile and motorcycle cleaning agent, tire polish, automotive adhesive , maintenance equipment, etc.

New Energy:


New energy vehicles, new energy auto parts and repair tools, automotive lightweight solutions, charging stations\charging piles, new energy vehicle manufacturing equipment, smart car joints, unmanned auto-driving cars

Driver attachments


Ashtray, key-fastened key pack, parking number plate

Interior design supplies


Raw Materials and Equipment to product Interior Products

Car wash


Car washing machine, portable washing machine, computer washing machine, steam washing machine, high pressure car washing machine, dryer, hub, winder, foam machine, tire brush, air outlet brush, vacuum cleaner, cleaning agent, hose reel, splicing Grid, mixing water gun, foam gun, steam ozone integrated disinfection machine, high pressure cleaner, high pressure pump, etc.