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Auto Trend Hall(E1/E2/E5)

Smart Transportation

Auto New Energy

Car Film

Upgrading & Modification


Auto Lifestyle Hall(E3/E6/E7)

Auto Boutiques

Out door Life

Auto Electronic Appliances

Auto Service Hall(W1/W2/W3/W5/W6)

Car Wash, Store & Chains store

Auto Beauty & Care

Auto Parts, Repair & Maintenance


Auto Inner Decor Hall(E4/48/W4/W7/W8)

Sheets & Mats

Materials & Equipment

Exhibit Range

Auto Repair & Maintenance Equipment

Diagnostic & testing Tools, Automotive lifting & Garage Equipment, Oil Change Tools, Wheel & Tire Service Tools, Body repair & Paint Tools, Auto Filters Service tools, Battery Charger & Jump Starter, Engine Service tools, Brake Service tools, Suspension & Steering Service tool, Fuel System Service tool, Transmission Service tool, Cooling System Service tool, A/C service tool, Electrical system tools, Exhaust system service tools, Spark Plug & Ignition tools,

Spare Parts, Replacement Parts

Tires, rims, wheels, Tire Bead Lubricants Sealers Patch Cements, Tire Sealants, Tire accessories, Tire polish, vehicle fuels, Lubricants, Brake Fluid, Hydraulic Oil, Filters, Flushes, Starting Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Gasketing , Oil additives, Antifreeze and Coolants, Cleaners & Degreasers, fuel-saving products, Adhesives & sealant, refinish paints rust inhibitor, repairing agent, A/C Chemicals, Auto Filters, Body Repair, Bumper/Plastic Repair, Sensors, Switches, Vehicle Computers, Transmission Components, Clutch Kits

Car Wash

Car washing machine, portable washing machine, computer washing machine, steam washing machine, high pressure car washing machine, dryer, hub, winder, foam machine, tire brush, air outlet brush, vacuum cleaner, cleaning agent, hose reel, splicing Grid, mixing water gun, foam gun, steam ozone integrated disinfection machine, high pressure cleaner, high pressure pump, etc.

Car Care & Cleaning

Car wax, Sealants, Coating, Detergent, Painting, Painting brightener, Cleaning agent, Wheels & Metal Cleaning Agent, Leather Interior Cleaning Agent & tools, Glass antifogging agent, glass repair agent, antirust agent, anti-wear agent, synergist, Paint Glaze, Headlight Lens Care Product, Microfiber Products, Buffers, Polishing Tools

Car warps, Vinyl film Tools

Window Tint, Car Warping Vinyl, Carbon Fiber Vinyl Headlight Tint Film, Paint Protection Film, Sunroof Vinyl Film, Printing Vinyl, Reflective Vinyl, Decoration Vinyl, Window Glass Film, metallic film, Thermal insulation film, Dye film, Primary color film, Color change film, Vinyl Equipment, Accessories & tools,

Car Tuning

Exclusive Refinement Car Company, Non Exclusive Refinement Car Company, Fuel and Engine Oil, Wheel & Tire, Auto Body Strengthening Part, Suspension System, Auto Parts, Auto Sound Systems, Braking, Air Intake System, Exhaust System, Ignition System, ECM, Tuned Car Fashion, Race Car Supplies, Off-road Vehicle, Aerodynamic, Cooling System, Turbocharger System, Engine, Oil Feeding System, Automotive Interior, Lighting System, Tools

Auto Electronics

Car audio and video entertainment, Car communication navigation, Car safety products, Energy Saving Products, Lighting, Emission Control, Alternator, Vehicle Computers, Cruise Control, Cable Ties & Mounts, Circuit Breakers, Electrical Testing Equipment, Fuse Kits

E-mobility & New Energy

New energy vehicles, new energy auto parts and repair tools, automotive lightweight solutions, charging stations, charging piles, new energy vehicle manufacturing equipment, smart car joints, unmanned auto-driving cars

Auto Exterior

Body Replacement Molding, Door Guards, Exterior Door Handles, Fuel Doors, Bumper, Locking Devices, Mirrors, Side Window Deflector, Vehicle Covers, Wheel Accessories & Cover, Step Bars 

Auto Interior

Car accessories, Perfume, Air Fresheners, storage bag, Armrest box, glasses frame, Phone holder, Tissue box, Sunshade, Storage bag, Car seat, Seat Covers, Cushion, Cloth & Covers, Car Mat, Car Mat Equipment & Raw Materials, Gauges, Mirrors, Dash, Dash Mats/Covers, Combo Units

Outdoor Products

Tent, parasol, car top box, car top frame, tire pump, car kit, first aid kit, folding table, folding bed, folding chair, sleeping bag, compass, cutter, ice cone, snow cone, cookware, stove, Multi-function kettle, straw or water purification cup, waterproof lighting, etc.