CIAACE Beijing is the Largest Aftermarket exhibition in North of China. it's the Once a year opportunity connects Global Resource to Chinese Market. 

Post show report for CIAACE Beijing 2019.02.22-25

Exhibition Area

250,000       square meter

Professional Visitors






Total Turnover RMB

371   Billion

New Exhibits


Cooperative Media


Floor Plan

Brand & Group Supply Hall (E1/E2/E5)

Smart Electronics

Car Films

Exterior Décor & Customizing

Inner-Décor Upgrading & Modification


Auto Lifestyle Hall(E3/E6/E7)

Auto Boutiques

Outdoor Life


Auto Service Hall(W1/W2/W3/W5/W6)

Car Beauty & Care

Fast Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance, Auto Parts & Carwash

High Performance Modification



Auto Inner-Décor Hall(E4/E8/W4/W7/W8)

Sheets & Mats

Materials & Equipment


Exhibits Analysis

A. Interior Deco:                       67.4%

B. Car Beauty & Care:              13.00%

C. Engine Oil:                            1.1.%

D. Auto Parts:                           5.60%

E. Chain Platform:                   0.50%

F. Spare Parts:                         5.70%

G. Auto Electronics:                 4.80%

H. Exterior Deco:                     1.90 %


Visitor Analysis


Visited the exhibition

for more than two days


Visited the exhibition with Purchasing Objectives


Are decision-makers or partly decision-makers in purchasing


Plan to Visit the next CIAACE


Main Objectives

To purchase products

To look for new products

To look for new projects and new models

To look for Agents

To communicate with industry players

To explore the industry trends

To attend forums and trainings










Visitor Growth


29%                                         Fast Repair Chain Stores

13%                    City (county) Agents

12%                   4S Groups and Stores

9%                 Comprehensive Repair Factories & E-Businesses


Business Nature

Vehicle Factories      0.34%

4S service Providers      3.67%

Terminal Stores(including chain stores)       38.28%

Import and Export Trade/Platform Software/business Association   0.27%

Other       0.15%

4S(including groups)         8.00%

Dealers  43.94%

E-Businesses and Supermarkets       0.28%

Manufactures        5.07%

Chain Stores & Terminal shops

A. Car Beauty & Care Shops    27.2%

C. Auto Accessory stores         25.5%

E. Tire Shops                         3.2%

D. Modification Shops             3.8%

B. Carwash Shops                          18.8%

D. Chain Shores                              6.5%

F. Comprehensive Repair Factories   12.1%

H. Other                                         2.9%

JoYvie Clue 2018 Brand Event in the Automobile accessories industry

The 6th Complete Vehicle Manufactures' Seminar - Summit for Smart and Innovative Development in Automotive industry

Grand Ceremony of Innovation Program & Opening Dinner for CIAACE 2019

2019 China Automotive Aftermarket Industry Trend Summit (2nd Session)

The Forth Session Auto Owner Community Terminal Marketing Summit

Flexishield Cup - The 3rd Paint Film Gold Technician Challenge Paint --- Protective Film Marketing Forum

2019 Auto Repair Factory Management and Skill Improvement Exchange Meeting --- Lubrication oil Segmentation Field Development Meeting

2019 CIAACE High-end Buyer Procurement Matching Conference

2019 China's Car Washing Industry Development Conference - the 7th China Car Washing Industry Forum

"2019 Lubricating Oil Distributors' Way to Survive - First Class in New Year" Lubricating Oil Distributors' Refined and Detaiiled Management Practice and Implementation Training Meeting

Youth is Power the 3rd Automotive aftermarket VC Connference

The 4th China Automotive Refinishing Summit

"Collaboration and Winning the Future"Michelin Tyre Plus 2019

2019 Bluestar Auto Accessories New Product Launch Conference and Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Letbon Dealer Conference in North China and the Northeast

Bmoom New Product Launch Conference

V-KOOL China Investment Conference