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The weather is getting warmer, and many stores have launched air-conditioning cleaning and maintenance packages. When selling packages, store staff often can't understand the key points in two words, can't reach customers' pain spot, and can't stimulate the desire to purchase. In order to help everyone seize the opportunity to increase sales, We sort out the 10 reasons for customers to buy air-conditioning packages for members to learn to use.

Reason 1: the vehicle has an odor

After the car air conditioner is used in winter, the smoke, human sweat, and dust in the car are collected on the wet evaporator surface, which is easy to produce odor. Only after cleaning can you ensure a comfortable and fresh air environment. If the customer says that the air conditioner has a strange smell, replacing it with a new filter element will do the job. You can reply back like this: If the air conditioner has a strange smell, just change the air conditioner filter element, and don’t wash the air conditioner, kinda like that the feet are very stinky, only change a pair of socks, do not wash the feet. cure the symptoms, not the disease!

Reason 2: Endangering the health of drivers and passengers

Dust and dirt accumulate on the air inlets, air ducts, fans, and evaporator surfaces of the air conditioning system, causing mold to grow in the air duct. Harmful substances circulate inside the air vehicle and enter the human body through breathing, causing respiratory infections and decreased body resistance. Severe “ air conditioning ” symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea all occur, which is particularly harmful to elderly and children.

Reason 3: The refrigerating capacity of air conditioners has decreased

Dust accumulates on the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner, causing excessive dirt, which reduces the heat exchange efficiency and cooling effect and prolongs the cooling time. At the same time, the air-conditioning system itself leaks to varying degrees, causing a lack of refrigerant, resulting in poor cooling effect of the air-conditioning system and affecting the comfort of driving. If there is an important guest sitting in the car one day, it is also awkward that the air conditioner does not cool for a long time.

Reason 4: Power loss and fuel consumption increase

A large amount of accumulated air-conditioning pipes will reduce the air-conditioning air volume, reduce the air-conditioning efficiency, and increase the load on the engine. The direct consequence of this is the loss of power and the increase in fuel consumption. It is not a small problem. Some owners have done a comparison of fuel consumption before and after cleaning the air conditioner, and there is a significant decrease after cleaning.

Reason 5: Increased vehicle noise

I believe many friends have found that their cars have been used for a long time and the noise has become very large. There are many reasons for the noise of the car. One reason is that the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time. If the air conditioner is not cleaned in time, it will cause dust accumulation and noise.

Reason 6: Affect the life of the air conditioner

Car air conditioners are not cleaned for a long time. In addition to affecting the cooling and heating effects, it can even cause compressor damage and reduce the service life of air conditioners. After cleaning, the working environment of the air conditioner is changed, the gas flow is smoother, the air conditioner itself is as clean as new, and the life span is accordingly extended.

Reason 7: Car maintenance costs increase

It was just mentioned that not cleaning the air conditioner will increase fuel consumption and increase the failure rate, which will result in an increase in car maintenance costs. Routine cleaning and maintenance are done well, to avoid the accumulation of small problems into big problems, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

Reason 8: Avoid snake rat ants

Due to the dark, wet or warm pipes inside the air conditioner, snakes, mice, wild cats and other animals are easy to drill inside. Either heating or nesting, in short, it does not make people stop or worry. Once the animals rot in the air-conditioning system, the environment inside the car is more conceivable.

Reason 9: Endangering driving safety

People who drive for a long time need more fresh air in the car. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to feel insufficient oxygen in the car, which can cause frail people to become motion sick and sleepy. Endangering driving safety.

Reason 10: Other customers wash it once a year

Utilize the herd mentality of customers, tell customers: modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, 90% of customers do a cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle's air-conditioning system every year in the spring and summer. The problem with car accessories is the vehicle itself, and the air conditioning air intake system is defective. The person sitting in the car is the biggest victim!

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