Automatic Car Washer & Things about it.

Title:  Automatic Car Washer & things about it.

Subtitle: Automatic car washing machine will eventually replace manual Car washer?

Many car service shop owners now complain that manual car washing is expensive, inefficient, and often inconsistent depends on who and how he is doing the wash. If try to find answers from internet, most of the results will recommend you to buy a fully automatic car washing machine, which claims to be able to completely solve many of the troubles brought by manual car wash. But is this true? Today we will take a brief look at the car washing machine market.

First, the type of car washing machine

Fully Automatic car washing machines has been around for a long time, and it has only become popular in recent years. There are many types of automatic car washing machines, but they are mainly divided into two types: " soft touch car wash " and " touchless car wash” .

soft touch car wash is mainly relies on brushes to clean the car body. It is very common on European and US market. Such washing machine has many forms, such as drive thru, gantry, tunnel, etc., looks very Cool & expensive, but it also has a very high requirement for the working environment on size and heigh of the work shop.

touchless car wash, on another hand, relying on high-pressure water spray to complete the entire process of car washing. Because of its low price and Maintenance cost, it is favored by many small and medium-sized shops.

Cleaning effect

The cleaning ability of a soft touch car wash mainly depends on the material of the brush. Nylon brushes was use very extensively, it has good service life, but the cleaning effect is just OK. Now nylon brushes are only as a wheel brush. Nowadays, most car wash use special non-porous foam brushes.

The texture is more stiff than regular foam, has a longer service life, also has very good cleaning effect compare to nylon brushes. There are better brushes use fabrics that has even shorter service life, but the cleaning effect is the best, it suit for more high end car service shop. Generally speaking the Drive-thru car wash has a better cleaning effect, The car wash time is about 2-3 minutes.

Touchless car wash does not have a brush in contact with the body during cleaning, and car wash speed is fast. Usually, it only takes about 80-100 seconds to clean a car . The store can also adjust the car washing time according to its own needs. But there is a lot of debate on whether a contactless car washer is good enough. Early products did have a lot of problems. Today, the washing rate of this car washer is much better, but very dirty cars are still need to foam manually, or wash twice more.

the price and cost

The current price range of on the market is very big, Drive-thru car wash usually cost from $ 7000 to $40,000, touchless car wash is relatively cheaper, cost about $4,000 to $13,000.

After spending the money on car washing machine, there are also cost for consumables and maintenance. If you choose a drive-thru car wash machine, the brush maintenance will cost a lot of money. Each replacement requires thousands of dallors! If you follow the usage recommendations, you need to replace the brushes at least once a year, otherwise cleaning effect will reduced, also the moldy and blackened brushes will make the owner stay away from your shop.

On the other hand, touchless car washing machine are much less expensive in terms of consumables, but don’t think it’s worry free. The working environment of touchless car washing machines is usually very tough. In addition, many small factories use inferior electronic components, leading to failure rates. most of the affordable touchless car wash machines on the market are made in china brands, Quality of motors, sensors and other core components are very inconsistent. many manufacturers specify a one-year or three-year warranty, Some factories will play some word games in terms of warranty, like, working temperature outside 0-45 celsius will lose warranty. There are also a lot of hidden terms, If you loss the warranty, repairs cost after that will be a huge.

purchase advise

If you have decided to start a fully automatic car washing machine, what are the details that you need to pay attention to?

Number 1 brand

First look at the manufacturer's brand image and reviews , there are many washing machine manufacturers on the market. Some companies are even using OEM production, so the 1st thing when you buying a car washing machine, is pay a visit to their factory or work shop using their equipment. it is best to go to the factory to see it, test cleaning effect. Also check work shop to see the condition of the machine after they using the machine for awhile.

Number 2 accessories

The quality of a fully automatic car washing machine depends to a large extent on accessories. Even internationally renowned brands, in order to meet different customer requirements, will also produce products on different quality grades. For example, the motor protection level of some better car washing machines is IP55 . washing machine motor degree of protection is generally used only IP40 , it will influence the stabilities. so when buying washing machine better ask specific model parts, do some research. If possible, add the models of key components into the contract.

Number 3 after sales service

The car washing machine has a harsh working environment, and there are many sensors on it, and there will be failures over time. If you buy a fully-automatic car washer from oversea, it may take a few days or even weeks to get there after a problem occurs. If you only have one set of equipment, then your car wash will have to shut down. So it’s important to get some training for simple troubleshooting & parts replacement.

things you want to know about automatic car wash

1. The more brush heads, the better?

When buying a car washing machine, some company will recommend you car washing machines with more brush heads. they claims that the more brush heads, the better. In fact, this is mainly depend on the needs of the store. The more brush heads, the greater the power consumption, also comes with costs of brush replacement. Although the cleaning effect can be improved to a certain extent, but you have to consider the cost comes with it.

2. Does the car wash machine hurt the car paint?

This is question that people been concerned about for a long time. First thing need to be clear that none of the car wash machines will absolutely not hurt the paint, but degree of the damage is different. Damage could happed when there are some stones in the brush, also there some shop owners has turn off the prewash to cut cost. Therefore the stone and sand will cause some scratching on the paint.

It’s a much better case on touchless car wash. but the water sprayed by the high-pressure water gun may still can cause some scratches. Also touchless car wash will need wipe and dry manually, it could cause some scratches. In terms of avoiding scratches, touchless car wash machines are doing a much better job.

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