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Understand China Auto Aftermarket--- How to Take Advantage of the New China Auto Policy

In the auto aftermarket market in 2019, under the trend of the Internet and the sinking of channels, the changes from quantitative change to qualitative change are undergoing important changes. Faced with the new market environment, many auto aftermarket practitioners feel that the market is getting harder and harder. Is it really hard to do?

On August 27th, the State Council released a big move. In the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation and Promoting Commercial Consumption", it was pointed out that the restrictions on purchases will be relaxed or canceled, and the areas where automobile purchases are to be implemented should be combined with the actual situation to explore the gradual relaxation or cancellation of purchase restrictions. specific measure. Policy loosening will stimulate the growth of the auto market, and a new round of opportunities in the post-market is just beginning.

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