Why exhibit at CIAACE?


1st show after Chinese New Year

If you are not from China, you probably don't know how much Chinese new year(CNY) means for people live in China. It's an ending, also a start. Pay up bills, Clear the inventory, close the shop, and go home to be with the people we precious most, families.

if you did business with Chinese company before, you probably know that the whole country is "shut down" for almost a month before and after CNY. After CNY is start to figure what the plan for next year, what business they should getting into, which product they should push more, see what's new on the market. CIAACE Beijing show start in such a time of year, because it's in customers' most desperate need.


Just like some smart guy said: "Every one deserve a fresh start."


Location, Location, Location!!!

Beijing is the largest City in China, center of political, economic, cultural and transport center of whole China. Direct flight or high speed train from almost all major city all over China and whole world. 

I'd like you to not just visit the CIAACE show. Hang out a little bit more. Visit headquarters of industry Giants, Industry Association,sightseeing, Beijing is the city that don't want miss. 


China Aftermarket

China aftermarket size is reach 1300 trillion, and it's getting bigger. Car ownership near 280 million vehicles, rank 2nd place in the whole world. 

It's blooming, full of dynamic and opportunities. isn't it the market that you want piece of it?


Experiences & Authority

1st CIAACE show is start at 2005, and it soon become the most influential and the largest aftermarket show.

The only National Key Project of auto accessories industry approved by Ministry of Commerce, PRC. 

The only Professional exhibition for auto aftermarket in China approved by UFI. 

A full year always on the road service team


We are just just exhibition company, with 15 years of experiences and resources. Yasn international expended two new separated brand, Yasnbon (a paid on line education plat form), Yasn E mall (factory store that direct connect shops)

We not just provide a twice a year exhibition, also a full year service, not matter you are looking for set up communication with agents or customers, even just want to check out what's new on China aftermarket. 


Buyer Community

Thank you for years of support from you. without you, we wouldn't become what we are today. 

180 OEMs, 35,000 4S stores, 53,000Chain stores, 84,000 service shop, 20,000 Province/Municipal Agents, 270,000 Car beauty stores, 140,000 Fast Repair shops, 330,000 Carwash, 28,000 Refitters, 37,000 other shops. 

it's not just numbers for us, we have several team works almost full year around to provide service, help them with Training, making connects, supply chain, consultant....