Why Visit CIAACE

Chinese automobile aftermarket overview

  • China as one of the largest developing country automobile market, already has complete manufacturing and services ecosystem, self-sufficient. Product made in China that also targeting China domestic market is also Suitable to developing country around China.

  • China made product is also focus on manufacturing quality and cost performance, some of them are lack of design & creativity. Made in China Brand could be the best partner for company that has very advanced design concept.

  • Most of the China export company are confined within big planform like Alibaba & Amazon, Platform diversity are far behind overseas markets.

  • Along with economic development and technological progress, China made high end equipment & products while maintaining high cost performance, its quality is gradually accepted by developed countries.


  • React to market demand, CIAACE Show become a “Car Wash & detailing + Car Care & Beauty + Car Accessory +Services Chains + Repair & maintenance + E-mobility” full industry show that provide quality service to whole aftermarket community.

  • CIAACE as the 1st show after Spring Festival, set the tone for the whole year, best platform for stores & distributors to check out new product & plan for annual purchase.

  • Dealer’s Choice Program, It's CIAACE' s 30th show. To appreciate the support from China Auto Aftermarket community, CIAACE Show organizer will select most popular product in each product group, delivery the products that Favored by dealers to oversea buyers.